Living Skyrim Issues

“The Main Quest doesn’t proceed after retrieving the Dragonstone.”

Read this modpage: At Your Own Pace

“Tolfdir doesn’t invite me to Saarthal right away.”

Read this modpage: At Your Own Pace

My character gets stuck when dodging!

This is a known issue with TUDM. Press the Dodge Style Toggle key (Your \ | key, by default) and your character should resume moving.

“Can I access RaceMenu after character creation?”

Only if you are not changing your character’s gender or race. Changing gender/race will cause issues with powers and passive buffs your character has.

“Can I change my attributes after starting?”

No. The choices you make are permanent. You can increase your attributes through various methods, refer to this modpage for more details: AVA

“My screen is zoomed in or weirdly off-center.”

Check the SSE Display Tweaks INI file to make sure you have the resolution for your screen set correctly. You may also need to check BethINI or the Skyrim INI files to make sure they all match your screen’s resolution.

“MO2 cannot find SKSE.”

You’ll need to manually set the path for SKSE using the Edit Executables menu in MO2. Set it to [install folder]\Stock Game\skse64_loader.exe

“Can I use a controller?”

I strongly advise against it. With as many mods as there are in the list, you’ll need a full breadth of keyboard keys to activate and use every feature. If you absolutely must play with a controller, please, for the love of all that is holy, use Gamepad++.

“My game freezes when saving.”

Make sure you’ve disabled all overlays for Skyrim. The most common ones are Discord, Steam, and nVidia. Other overlays from things like MSI Afterburner and f.lux have also been known to cause issues.

“Can I play this list on a 75/100/144hz screen?”

Yes. Display Tweaks SSE is included to allow higher refresh rates.

“Can I use this list on an ultrawide monitor?”

Yes, Complete Widescreen Fix is included by default. Just make sure to enable it in the left pane of MO2.


By default, Living Skyrim has every character be never nude. Underwear is worn by all NPCs and the player character and cannot be unequipped. Support is not provided for making the list Nude.