It's important that you do the following steps in the order they are presented. Skipping around or going out of order is bad.

A Word About Difficulty

Living Skyrim is intended to be played at the Adept difficulty level. If you wish to have a challenge or find the game too difficult, you can and should adjust the game difficulty as you wish. Adept is merely where I (ForgottenGlory) like to play - it provides a decent challenge without being overly difficult.

Also, while fantastic for roleplaying purposes, AVA, ELSA, and Classic Classes & Birthsigns can make the game significantly easier. If you wish to have a more difficult time of things - especially in combat - you can and should skip setting up AVA, ELSA, and CC&B.



If you are going to use them, AVA and ELSA must be configured before leaving the Alternate Perspective starting room.

Immediately after you create your character, you'll be prompted to assign your attributes using AVA. You may do this now or later by selecting the appropriate response when the popup appears. If you choose to do this later, you'll be given a power in your Powers/Shouts menu that you can activate to assign your attributes. Also, choosing to do this later allows you to skip using AVA entirely if you wish.

ELSA gives you a bonus to a single skill based on your character's background. To do this, select the "Reflect" option from your Power/Shout menu and then press the Shout key (Usually Z) to select your background. If you are opting to skip ELSA, simply do not activate this power/shout.

The choices you make in the AVA and ELSA menus are permanent and cannot be changed without starting a new character!

Classic Classes & Birthsigns Reimagined

You will start the game with a book in your inventory called "Classic Classes". Read this book to select a class and birthsign for your character. The book can be safely disposed of as you wish. If you want a challenge, try playing without selecting a class/birthsign. You can still select a birthsign by finding the appropriate standing stone at any time. If you wish to skip using CC&B, simply do not read the book and dispose of it as you wish.

The choices you make in the CC&BR menu are permanent and cannot be changed without starting a new character!

Mandatory control and MCM settings


The following options must be set manually in the game's settings and MCM menus for Living Skyrim 3 to work properly.

Esc key menu

  • Controls
    • Sneak: LCtrl (this is your "dodge" key in-game)

A Matter of Time

  • Presets
  • User Settings
    • Click Load user settings, and wait for the confirmation before proceeding.


  • Settings
    • Persistent Arrows: Disabled
    • Arm Fatigue: Disabled

Complete Alchemy

  • Help
    • Ragdoll Paralysis: Disabled

Destructible Display Cases

  • Blunt Objects: Enabled
  • Fire and Frost Spells: Disabled
  • Claws and Cutters: Enabled
  • Arrows: Disabled
  • Shouts: Disabled

Follower Framework

  • Activity
    • Ignore Special Furniture: Enabled
  • System
    • Command Followers Hotkey: H
    • Followers Attack Hotkey: G

I'm a Customer

  • Dammit
    • Food
      • Use Label: Disabled
      • Eating Method: With fork equipped

LOTD Settings

  • Craftloot
    • Craftloot Status: Disabled

Less Intrusive HUD

  • General Settings
    • Click Load personal preset, then exit the MCM and wait for it to finish before proceeding.

Sky UI

  • Advanced
    • SWF Version Checking
      • Map Menu: Disabled


For the SmoothCam preset, make sure you are selecting the option to Load the preset instead of save it. If you accidentally save instead of load, you'll need to re-run Wabbajack to restore the preset to its correct settings.


  • Presets
    • Click Load next to whichever preset you wish to use. You can and should test them all out to see which one works best for you

Take Notes!

  • Controls
    • Journal
      • Open Journal: B

Thieves Guild Req.

  • Main Quest
    • Requirements to Begin Recruitment Quest
      • Items Stolen: 150
    • Requirements to Begin 3rd Quest
      • Radiant Jobs completed: 5
    • Requirements to begin 4th Quest
      • Radiant Jobs Completed: 15

True Directional Movement

  • Target Lock
    • Toggle Target Lock Key: Mouse 3 (middle mouse button)